Feb 29, 2024

Welcome to the future of the media booking process with MBOT.

An advanced solution for managing digital and non-digital advertising campaigns both online and at the stationary point of sale. Our revolutionary online tool, MBOT, provides maximum booking transparency in real time, marking a turning point in the world of advertising bookings. It enables interested parties to easily book or reserve advertising campaigns, ensuring efficiency and accessibility.

Administrators have control over which advertising campaigns can be booked by whom, making only relevant items available for brands to book. Media decision makers review each booking request and make the final decision. If a booking is rejected, MBOT promptly informs the interested party via email and can reschedule the booking if necessary. Once a booking is confirmed, it effectively blocks the advertising medium for the reserved period, preventing overlaps and double bookings.

With MBOT, you have optimal control over your retail media campaigns. You consciously decide whom, when, and where to allow advertising, enabling a targeted and effective advertising strategy. MBOT's advanced automation processes create process and structural clarity to ensure smooth and efficient handling of all advertising bookings. Our media execution managers use media plans and booking calendars to keep an overview of all bookings and effectively coordinate with the bookers.

The integration of a chat function in MBOT improves communication by allowing administrators to interact directly with the booking brands. Digital media such as videos, images, documents, and texts can be exchanged directly through MBOT, making it a comprehensive tool for advertising management.

Experience a new era of media booking with MBOT and revolutionize your advertising strategy. MBOT is not just a tool, but a comprehensive partner that supports you at every step of your advertising campaign and leads you into the future of digital advertising.


MBOT revolutionizes the media booking process with real-time transparency and efficient control of advertising campaigns. It offers comprehensive control, automation, and direct communication between brands and bookers. This tool enhances efficiency, prevents double bookings, and supports a targeted advertising strategy by intelligently managing advertising spaces online and at the POS.

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